A Big Year For The National Parks

As you know, the sub-title of this book is: “A Brief History Of Nature Appreciation In America”.  In the chapters dealing with nature appreciation, which comprise half of the book, the history of the national parks in America is covered. Yellowstone, the nation’s first national park, achieved that status in 1872 when the National Parks Act was passed.

But it wasn’t until 1916, some 44 years later, that congress got around to establishing the National Parks Service to manage the parks.  So in 2016, the National Parks Service is celebrating its 100th anniversary, with a variety of special programs.

A list of Cuyahoga Valley  National Park special events can be fund at: http://ohioanderiecanalway.com/Main/News/Cuyahoga_Valley_National_Park_Celebrates_100th_Ann_110.aspx.

For a brief description on how this country’s national parks were started, and what was unique about  the concept, get yourself a copy of Lodge Spirit.  You may order it on this website, or get a copy from Fireside Books in Chagrin Falls, The Chagrin Falls Historical Society, or the Bedford Historical Society.


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