Lodge Spirit Makes An Excellent Gift

Lodge Spirit is in coffee table format.  That is, it has numerous photos and drawings, which makes it good for displaying on a coffee table.  Look About Lodge is an important part of Northeast Ohio’s history.  It has broad interest, because over 17,000 people visit the Lodge every year.  Yet few of them know its history.

Give Lodge Spirit as a gift, to yourself and/or to someone else!   Think how much someone who has been to the Lodge for an educational or entertainment program would appreciate knowing more about the building.  Display it on your coffee table.   Visitors can pick it up and quickly learn plus see the history of this unique building.

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The book contains the history of both Look About Lodges, which is an important part of Northeast Ohio’s history.  It also contains a brief history of nature appreciation in America.  In fact, half the book is devoted to this subject.  Lodge Spirit is an excellent reference book for Northeast Ohio history buffs.

If you buy one for yourself and one for a friend or relative, you get 20% off the second copy.  What a wonderful gift that would be!

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