Memories and Comments on Look About Lodge

Please comment on your most memorable experience at Look About Lodge.  Register with your email address.  Please give your first name and city of residence, and then describe your memories.  If you have read Lodge Spirit, let us know what you thought of the book.

3 Responses to Memories and Comments on Look About Lodge

  • I remember visiting the Lodge in the 1940s when there was a strong aroma from the chestnut logs. The museum in the loft had exhibits of butterflies and insects, Indian arrowheads, wood samples, and a beautiful snowy owl. My mother cooked on a wood and coal burning stove, and the ice box was cooled by a block of ice. It was considered a “special” place by everyone who visited there.

  • I discovered Look About Lodge a couple of years ago when I attended some summer concerts. I have also gone to a number of programs sponsored by the Cleveland Natural Science Club. The Lodge is a beautiful and inspiring building that enhances the experiences in and around it. I found the book very interesting and well written.

  • I first experienced the lodge with my father growing up. My last time at the lodge was with my new wife when we were visiting Chagrin Falls from California. We could not get inside on that visit, but the building remains beautiful on the outside.

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